DJ Kendrix is well known in Melbourne & Australia for firing up the dance floor and keeping it pumping throughout his dj sets.

Dj Kendrix started collecting all types of music at a very young age and is well-versed in all Latin Styles Including Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Latin House, Reggaeton & Bachata. He also has a love for R&B, Hip Hop & House music.
With his father being a Latin American singer and having his own band in the early 90s, Kendrix was exposed to bachata and other Latin styles as a baby however his love of bachata was sparked back in 2002 when he traveled back to his mother country of El Salvador where music is a way of life and Reggaeton & Bachata were the most popular genres at the time. Kendrix remembers walking through the streets of El Salvador and listening to almost every single household pumping out either Bachata or Reggaeton through the windows of their houses.
This was back when Aventura & Monchy y Alexsandra were becoming famous in Latin America.
His dj resume includes some of Australia’s top festivals and Dance Socials including – the Sydney International Bachata Festival, Doudoule, World Salsa Solos, Super Social Fridays, Bachata Beats, Latin Beats, Melbourne International Bachata Festival & many more.
Kendrix has also been one of the pioneers in Melbourne for Bachata where he has injected Bachata into mainstream commercial clubs including some of the prestige clubs in Melbourne such as Ms. Collins, The Albion Rooftop & Alumbra. He also debuted his International Dj gig list at the World Bachata Festival in 2017 along with various other Socials in Argentina in the same year.
With a genuine love for dance & music plus a special passion for Bachata – been a pro dancer himself – he is sure to keep you on your feet all night long!