Brenda Liew

Brenda Liew is one of the most accomplished and valued Salsa and Bachata dancers in Asia. Renowned for her dynamic and compelling choreographies, she has captivated and inspired audiences worldwide with her one-of-a-kind dance style that features slick body movement, explosive presence, and attuned musicality.

Recognized as the ‘Queen of Technique’, Brenda is highly sought after to teach and perform internationally. She is extremely well-received, and also the first in Asia to be invited to teach and perform, at so many various international dance congresses all around the world, as a female soloist.

Besides Salsa and Bachata, Brenda is experienced in various dance genres such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical Indian, and Modern Chinese dance. She began dancing at the age of 8, and at the age of 17, pursued her special calling for dance and started to teach professionally. In 2012, Brenda competed against more than 20 international dancers to emerge as the youngest champion of the Australia Salsa Solo Competition.

As a passionate dance instructor, she efficiently imparts valuable techniques to her students and always motivates them to surpass their current dancing abilities. She believes in establishing strong techniques and encompassing an attitude of endless learning. She also hopes to inspire more Asian dancers to step out and help grow the Latin dance community regionally. Brenda is the director and founder of her dance company, BLDC. They currently have teams in Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.