Eric and Meilin - Instructor

Eric & Meilin (Australia)

Originally from Sydney and now based in Melbourne, Eric and Meilin are passionate bachata dancers and instructors. They specialise in bachata sensual, focusing on body movement and connection, and have become well-known in the dance community around Australia for their skill and grace on the dance floor.

Eric and Meilin have been teaching together for several years and have developed a unique style of teaching that is both fun and educational. Their classes are hugely popular and designed to help their students develop the concepts and techniques of bachata sensual as well as help them gain confidence and express themselves through dancing.

Their love of bachata is infectious, and they strive to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with their students. They have a deep understanding of music and body movement and are passionate about helping their students to become the best dancers they can be.

They love to demonstrate their skill and passion for bachata. They also love to travel around the world and within Australia to attend different festivals and congresses, where they can connect with other instructors and dancers to continue to expand their knowledge.

Open Level- bachata sensual combinations