Elmer Abreu Suriel (Born June 24, 1994) is a Dominican singer, songwriter and record producer. Born in The Dominican Republic to Dominican parents and raised in New York City by a single mother.

His musical influences range from Spanish-language artists such as Julio Iglesias, Ricardo Arjona, Juan Gabriel, Luis miguel to American pop stars Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. Originally from Constanza, Dominican Republic, Esme migrated to Queens, New York at the age of 8. Esme has cited that the work ethics of his mother was what pushed him to pursued music. Esme had the dream to one day repay his mother what she had done for him and his siblings by working a over night job 6 days a week and taking care if them during his infant and teenage years.

Esme started to gain recognition after the release of his first 3 Bachata singles in the years 2016-2018 which marked a new direction for modern bachata. (Perteneces a Nadie, La Primera Vez and Amantes)

During the recording of his first album produced by the two time Latin Grammy nominee and ASCAP award-winning composer Pedro sP Polanco,

Esme found to have writing skills and bought his first guitar, and finished his highly anticipated Bachata album which is due to release in 2019.

“Amantes” Charted #1 on the Tropical charts for Bachata.

in 2017, Esme Release his first album single Perteneces a nadie in April 2017, earning a nomination for Telemundo’s Premios Viva La Juventud as Best New Artist and winning.

Later that year, Esme had a tour in Colombia and Guatemala in which he participated in multiple Music Acts, Tv programing and Radio Stations.

In 2018 he released “Amantes” which exploded in the youtube platform and spotify, reaching audiences in the United Sates, Italy and Europe.

Amantes charted top 21 in multiple international Tropical music charts in 2018. In March 2019, its now positioned at number 2out of the top 50.

Dancers from all over the word started posting videos dancing his songs. And shortly after, he got offered a Touring & publishing deal by Abanico Records and smayra Publishing SAS.

In the middle of 2018, Esme was invited to perform in Chicago for the first time, in which he developed a buzz with all the dancers and people that attended his live show. Esme since got invited back to the city to perform for what has been cited by ABC7 as the biggest salsa congress in the United States, because of his on stage persona.

Returning once again to Chicago, Esme formed part of the February 7th, 2019 Chicago International Salsa Congress where he presented some of his well known bachata songs and performed them with his live Bachata Band.

On February 14th Esme was invited to perform for the Bronx Community college and The bronx council for the arts. For the first time ever a Latino Bachata band presented itself at the college.

Esme has a sold out tour coming up all over the USA, Europe and Mexico.