Ganga & Melka

Ganga’s background is rooted in the business world, where he thrives as an entrepreneur and business owner. Melka, on the other hand, is a skilled graduate of dance, embracing her passion for movement and rhythm. Destiny brought them together on the dance floor, and in that serendipitous moment, they not only discovered their mutual love for bachata but also a deep connection with each other.

Their dedication to mastering bachata led them to explore both sensual and Dominican styles, delving deeply into the art form. Inspired by renowned dancers Daniel Y Desiree and Alex, they honed their skills in sensual bachata. Later, under the guidance of Alex and Desiree, they discovered their passion for Bachata Dominicana.

In 2018, they founded a Bachata school in Sri Lanka, where they have since imparted their knowledge to numerous students, spreading their love for bachata. Presently, they are actively teaching Bachata in Dubai, captivating the hearts of many more enthusiasts.

In their classes, Ganga & Melka prioritize lead and follow technique, emphasizing “the art of connection” to enhance their student’s dance experience.