Kiki and Julian

Kiki was born in Miami, where Salsa Music and Dance is a part of life. “Dance what you feel” is what her mother always said, so with her mothers words and her fathers musical skills Kiki tore up the local Salsa clubs from a young age. One of her main passion is bachata tradicional. Kiki has trained with many well known bachata instructors from the island. Such as, Rodolfo Montano Castro , Carlos Gómez and Susan De Beras.

Julian – born in Colombia and raised in Canada, Julian was exposed to the best of both worlds. From a young age, Julian was always dancing thanks to his parents. Julian joined the Araguacu Latin Dance Company in Toronto, where he met Kim and Geo. They introduced him to different dance styles, but the style that stole his heart was Bachata Tradicional. Julian has carried the same motto as his instructors, to find your own flavour, grove and style, to be the best version of you!