Lucerne Ngo

Growing up in a family, in which the father is a musician and the mother is a singer, Lucerne was exposed to the life of dance, and music at a young age. Despite being focused on Business Degree by her parents at a young age, dancing has always been her passion.

Moved to free-lance in 2011, she started pursuing her dream of being a dancer again. Being one of the most passionate salsera in Ho Chi Minh City, her dedication to training has been paid off by her super fast improvement in the Ho Chi Minh Salsa community, being a performer on not only local but international stages, and later on being the co-founder/director/choreographer of her own dance studio, La Danza Saigon.

She has been traveling overseas back & forth to continuously improve her skills, attending training & boot camps with Internationally acclaimed dance trainers, such as:

Ataca & La Alemana (World Bachata Champions) on Bachata Touch styles

Karel Flores Ladies Styling & Choreography Bootcamp

Eddie Torres & Vanessa Lacedonia on Pachanga

Tropical Gem on Salsa & Reggaeton

Paula & Ricardo (Afro-Latin Connection) on Kizomba Instructor course

In 2016, she won the 2nd-Runner title for Asia Bachata Jack & Jill Championship in Singapore.

With her unique sexy fusion style, She has been invited to perform, teach, and dance not only in Asia but also in US (Chicago Salsa Congress) and Europe (Berlin Salsa Congress).

Lucerne is now director of La Danza Saigon, director of BLDC (Brenda Liew Dance Company) Saigon, and the sole organizer of Saigon Latin Fiesta, the famous weekly Afro-Latin Tuesday in Saigon.

Lucerne was the first one who brought Kizomba to Saigon, and now is the leader in developing Kizomba in Vietnam. She is the most sought-after girl to partner up with many famous Kizomba instructors in workshops around Asia. She has been teaching at:

* 2020 Koh Samui Latin Festival: Urban Kiz Lady Styling

* 2019 Vietnam Latin Experience: Kizomba Lady Styling

* 2018 Saigon Latin Fiesta: Urban Kiz Lifts & Tricks

Being a woman of her own, Lucerne can lead and follow smoothly all three types of dance: salsa, bachata, and kizomba. She has been invited to many Festivals overseas as an instructor/artist, to name a few:

* 2020 Koh Samui Latin Festival: Urban Kiz Lady Styling

* Berlin Salsa Congress 2019: being heroes on the dance floor

* Japan Salsa Congress 2019

* Singapore Latin Extravaganza 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

* Jeju Latin Culture Festival 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

* Chicago Salsa Congress 2018

* Formosa Salsa Festival 2018

* Chennai Latin Fiesta (India)