Instructors - Micka-Emi

Micka & Emi (France)

Micka & Emi are 2 Latin French dancers.

Micka was born in Lyon, France, where he started dancing in 2014, learning the Bachata, Salsa, Hip-Hop, and other urban dances.
Over the years, Micka has continued to learn around the world to perfect his dance technics. At the same time, he used to be a personal trainer where he could learn more bout the biomechanics of the body, which was really useful for him to understand and find easy ways to explain movement while he is teaching.
In 2016, Micka become a professional dancer only, and he stopped working as a personal trainer. Then he went teaching and performing around the world.
From 2014-2022, Micka won several of France’s Championships in Bachata as a Solo, Team of students (dance company), Duo, and also in Solo Salsa.
Micka is a « famous » social dancer known for his musicality, his smoothness, and his smile! He loves it and sharing dances with everyone, the level doesn’t matter!
Micka keeps learning every dancing style he can, to make his unique dancing more « complete ».
Micka is also having some Bachata Team Around the world, such as MenStyling Team or Bachata Couple Team.( Taiwan, Korea, Australia, etc…and in France of course)