Sam & Aisha

Smooth and spontaneous on the dance floor. Passionate with an easy-to-understand technical style of dance instruction. Strong ability to dance and teach on1, on2, and Casino Salsa styles as well as Sensual Bachata. Loves building students locally and over time. Famous for building students from zero to having a great time on the dance floor to thriving on a performance stage. In confidence, admits that his favourite dances are those with a partner with great connection and playfulness.

Sam started dancing Dancesport 21-dance in the New England collegiate circuit and quickly fell in love with Salsa with teachers from Razz ‘M Tazz, Eddie Torres On2, and Salsa Lovers while studying in Boston. He moved to Malaysia in 1999 and started teaching at Dance Street 88 and then Havana Estudio in 2002. Today, he continues to train with Adolfo Indacochea and Kike Y Nahir, and Korke & Judith.

Havana Estudio has a thriving Beginner Year 1 program for Salsa and Bachata and cater to students with various levels of experience. Supplementary programs include Rueda, Salsa Shines, Chacha, Mambo, Ladies Styling, and Sensual Bachata.

Elegant and fun on the dance floor, with sudden bursts of groovaliciousness. Kind, nurturing, and progressive in classes. Where anyone can learn how to dance… they stole that line from her. Aisha never gives up on anyone, even if they themselves have called it. Famous for making even the newest newbies feel good while social dancing. And can take on long-time vets of dance too.

Aisha started dancing Dancesport in Malaysia and picked up Salsa in Calgary Canada. She moved to Malaysia and started teaching at Havana Estudio in 2003. Today, she takes in Salsa newbies and all Salsa returning students at Havana Estudio, building their Year 1 Fundamentals. She also has her own brand of Year 2 Advanced Beginners unique to her own brand of turns, shines, and Afro-Cuban movements.